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"I am Limited Edition" simultaneously Sweeps Three Film Festivals, including BSFF 2023

19 Jun 2023

Bangalore, June 18, 2023 - Dragonfly Films had a triumphant day as their documentary "I am Limited Edition" clinched the Best Documentary Award at three esteemed film festivals held separately on the same day. The film's remarkable victories included the highly acclaimed 12th Bangalore Shorts Film Festival 2023. Director Suresh Menon and Assistant Director Hamsavalli were present in person at the Bangalore event to accept the prestigious award.

With its unique and emotionally captivating storytelling, "I am Limited Edition" triumphed over the strong competition, leaving a spellbound audience of over 100 people. The unanimous decision to recognize the documentary as the Best Documentary Film further solidifies its status as a compelling piece of cinema.

In addition to the victory at the Bangalore Shorts Film Festival, "I am Limited Edition" also secured the Best Documentary Film Award at two other prominent festivals: the International Motion Picture Festival of India and the Tamizhagam International Film Festival.

The series of accolades received by "I am Limited Edition" has sparked great celebration at Dragonfly Films. The film's success showcases the talent and dedication of the entire team involved in its creation.

"We are overjoyed by the extraordinary recognition 'I am Limited Edition' has received at these prestigious film festivals," said Suresh Menon, the director of the documentary. "This film is a labor of love, and its powerful impact on audiences reaffirms our belief in the importance of storytelling, said Hamsavalli, the Assistant Director. The film's producer Aruna Vijay chipped in with a single line "We are grateful to all the festival organizers for honoring our work and providing a platform for our voices to be heard."

The triumph of "I am Limited Edition" at multiple film festivals has undoubtedly given the team plenty of reasons to celebrate, marking a significant milestone in their filmmaking journey. The documentary has been winning the top award at almost all festivals it had chosen to attend.

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