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"Provoke" Magazine Highlights "I am Limited Edition" Documentary

16 Jun 2023

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In a nod to the extraordinary storytelling and cinematic excellence of the documentary "I am Limited Edition," the esteemed upmarket publication, "Provoke" magazine, has dedicated a half-page report to the film's press and premiere screening. This recognition further solidifies the documentary's status as a captivating and thought-provoking piece of cinematic art. The documentary's premiere screening, held at an exclusive event attended by esteemed guests, industry professionals, and influencers, garnered widespread acclaim and left a lasting impression on the audience.

"Provoke" magazine, known for its discerning taste and commitment to showcasing the best in arts and culture, recognized the significance of "I am Limited Edition" and its impact on viewers. The half-page report delves into the film's thematic depth, applauds its production quality, and highlights the powerful storytelling that captivated the premiere audience.

The documentary's director, Suresh Menon, expressed gratitude for the recognition, stating, "We are honored to be featured in 'Provoke' magazine. This acknowledgment reinforces our belief in the power of storytelling to create positive change and promote inclusivity."

As "I am Limited Edition" continues to garner attention and critical acclaim, it sets a new standard for documentary filmmaking, encouraging audiences to embrace diversity, celebrate individuality, and challenge societal boundaries.

For more information about "I am Limited Edition" and upcoming screenings, please visit

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