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Captivating Documentary 'I am Limited Edition' Garners 20 Awards Worldwide, Sets the Stage for Global Distribution

23 Jul 2023

In an astonishing triumph, the thought-provoking documentary 'I am Limited Edition' has stormed film festivals worldwide, capturing over 20 prestigious national and international awards in less than two months since its press release. The resounding success has prompted Dragonfly Films to take the momentous step of opening up the film for distribution, inviting interested platforms and licensees to join the race in bringing this powerful cinematic gem to audiences worldwide.

'I am Limited Edition' is not your ordinary documentary; it transcends boundaries, stirs emotions, and challenges societal norms. It delves into the human spirit, illuminating the life of an extraordinary individual who has defied all odds to beat the progression of a rare disease called multiple sclerosis, which has no cure. The film resonates with audiences on a deeply personal level, and its accolades from film festivals all around the globe serve as a testament to its exceptional storytelling and production quality.

Having experienced firsthand the impact and potential of 'I am Limited Edition,' Dragonfly Films is now prepared to open the floodgates for distribution to cater to a wider audience. The team firmly believes that the film's powerful message will be embraced by global OTT platforms and audiences alike.

"We knew we had something special in our hands when we embarked on this journey, but the overwhelming response from audiences and critics alike has surpassed even our wildest expectations," says Suresh Menon, the visionary director behind 'I am Limited Edition.' "This is not just a film; it's a movement, a celebration of human resilience and uniqueness" says Hamsavalli, the Assistant Director of the film. Suresh Menon adds, "We are thrilled to extend an open invitation to all potential distributors, buyers, and licensees to join us in sharing this remarkable documentary with the world."

Interested distribution platforms and individual buyers/licensees are invited to get in touch with Dragonfly Films via email at to explore licensing opportunities for 'I am Limited Edition.' Additional information about the documentary, including behind-the-scenes insights and critical acclaim, can be found on the official website:

But that's not all! Dragonfly Films is not resting on its laurels and is already hard at work on two more captivating documentaries. 'Parakeet Murmurs' and 'Daughter of' promise to be equally engaging and thought-provoking, taking audiences on unforgettable journeys through untold stories.

About Dragonfly Films:

Dragonfly Films is an innovative and dynamic production house committed to crafting compelling narratives that leave a lasting impact. From documentaries that tug at heartstrings to thought-provoking feature films, Dragonfly Films has been at the forefront of pushing boundaries and redefining the art of storytelling.

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