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Parakeet Murmurs

Indian Parakeets having food

Duration: 46 min; 40 sec

Genre: Documentary

Language: Tamil

Subtitles: Yes (English)

Mastering: 4K UHD (3840x2160)

DCP: Available

Director: Suresh Menon

Editor: B. Lenin

Cinematographer: Poolpandi

Wildlife Cinematographer: K. Shankar Kasiraj

Live sound recordist: Kanthan

Music: Storyblocks license

Sound Mix: Andrew (UK)

Colorist: Srinath

Producer: Suresh Menon

Studio: Dragonfly Films

Step into a mesmerizing world of nature's resilience and unexpected human bonds with our enchanting documentary, a captivating masterpiece that unfolds the remarkable saga of a thriving avian community nestled within the heart of bustling cities. In the face of discouragement from wildlife enthusiasts and the long arm of the law, this heartwarming film takes you on a spellbinding journey, revealing the profound and unconventional connection between humankind and the vibrant Indian parakeets that defy urban conventions.

With each frame, we invite you to witness the gripping conflict that unfolds before your eyes. Wildlife aficionados, dedicated wildlife officers, astute legal professionals specializing in wildlife matters, and passionate environmentalists, all find themselves entangled in a fierce showdown with a handful of steadfast citizens whose hearts are bound to the ritual of nurturing these free-spirited parakeets that grace our urban landscapes with their vibrant presence.

But can there be a harmonious solution that resonates with the desires of all parties involved? Prepare to be swept away by the intensity of this cinematic experience as it unveils a world where human emotions intertwine with the untamed spirit of nature, and where the inexorable forces of conservation meet the heart's deepest yearnings. Discover a world where hope and understanding can transcend the boundaries between man and bird, leaving an indelible mark on your soul.

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