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Fox and the Grapes | Aesop's Fables adaptation

Once upon a time, in a sunny forest, there was a clever fox named Freddy. One day, as Freddy strolled through the woods, he spotted a beautiful vine of juicy grapes, hanging from a tall tree.

Freddy's mouth watered, at the sight of those plump grapes. He wanted them so badly! Being a crafty fox, he thought of a clever plan, to get the tasty treats.

Jumping and leaping with all his might, Freddy tried to reach the grapes, but they were just too high. After many attempts, he sat down and sighed, "Oh, those grapes, are too high for me. I'm sure they're sour, anyway."

Freddy, trying to sound uninterested, walked away with his head held high. "I didn't want those grapes. They're probably not delicious at all," he said to himself.

But deep down, Freddy felt a little sad. As he continued his journey through the forest, he tried to forget about the grapes, telling himself he didn't need them.

The other animals in the forest, had watched Freddy's antics, and a wise old owl named Oliver approached him. "Freddy, why did you pretend not to care about those grapes?" asked Oliver.

Freddy, feeling a bit embarrassed, confessed, "Well, I couldn't reach them, and I didn't want to admit, that I couldn't get what I wanted."

The wise owl smiled and said, "Freddy, it's okay to admit, when something is out of reach. It doesn't make you any less clever. Instead of pretending, why not ask for help, or find something else delicious to enjoy?"

Freddy thought about Oliver's words, and realized he had made a mistake. From that day on, he learned that it's okay not to get everything he wanted, and that being honest about his feelings, was the wisest thing to do.

And so, Freddy continued his adventures in the forest, making friends, and enjoying the many other delicious treats, that were within his reach. The moral of the story: It's okay to admit, when something is out of reach, and there are always other sweet things, to enjoy!

Adapted from Aesop's Fables

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