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The Sun and the Wind | Aesop's Fables adaptation

Once upon a time, in a bright and cheerful land, the Wind and the Sun, had a little contest, to see who was stronger. They wanted to find out, who could make a traveler, take off his coat.

The Wind, strong and mighty, went first. It huffed and puffed, blowing with all its might. It roared through the trees, making them sway, and leaves dance in the air. But the more the Wind blew, the tighter the traveler clung to his coat. The poor traveler shivered and held on, not willing to let go.

Then it was the Sun's turn. The Sun, warm and gentle, smiled down from the sky. It beamed its rays, wrapping the land, in a cozy warmth. The traveler felt the Sun's kindness and, feeling the heat, decided it was much too hot for his coat. He gladly took it off, feeling the warmth on his face.

The Wind, a bit grumpy, admitted defeat. The Sun, with a friendly twinkle in its rays, showed everyone, that kindness and warmth could do, what force could not.

And so, the little creatures in the land learned a valuable lesson: kindness and warmth, can make hearts feel light, just like the Sun, that brightens up the day. The Wind, realizing the Sun's wisdom, decided to blow gently, joining the Sun, in making the land a happy and cozy place, for everyone. And they all lived happily, ever after, basking in the warmth of friendship.

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