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Agent Maya

Updated: Jan 13

Once upon a time, in a quiet town, there was a man named Alex, who liked to visit dimly lit bars. One night, as he sipped on his drink, a woman entered the bar. As Alex sidled up to the counter, he noticed this woman Maya sitting alone. He thought she seemed like an interesting person to talk to.

Alex struck up a conversation with Maya, thinking he had found someone to share his night with. Maya, fully aware of his intentions, skillfully guided the discussion, by confessing to Alex that she was a drug addict herself, and thus dragged Alex into a different conversation. Alex was thrilled. He was sure that he was going to bed with this druggie that night.

The night wore on, and the suspense thickened. Maya skillfully led Alex to reveal more about himself, as they danced on the dance floor to some peppy music. Maya made sure that Alex was genuinely getting drunk. The bar buzzed with the sounds of laughter and music, masking the covert operation taking place.

As the climax approached, Maya discreetly messaged her colleagues, who quietly surrounded the bar, ready to apprehend Alex. It turned out that Alex was the master kingpin in the distribution of drugs to a couple of schools in the area, converting little children into drug addicts, early on in their life. The tension reached its peak as Maya, with a calm yet determined demeanor, confronted Alex. It was only in that moment, the very end, that she revealed her true identity as an undercover cop.

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