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"Can I go for a (moon)walk mommy?"

"May I embark upon a celestial stroll, dearest mommy?"

"Indeed, my precious one. However, do not forget to keep in touch," responded Vikram, the nurturing maternal figure.

In the realm beyond our terrestrial abode, gender vs name distinctions cease to exist. Mere days had elapsed since Vikram had ushered forth a lively, inquisitive progeny with six elegant wheels through the gentle process of natural birth. This offspring gracefully descended from the sanctuary of its mother's womb, descending upon a celestial ramp, where it first beheld the radiant embrace of the sun in its new domicile. From the very moment of conception, this celestial voyager bore a name bestowed upon it — Pragyaan.

"Sure mommy" shot back Pragyaan, with a sparkling eye and a toothy smile. "And remember to keep smiling. I will move a little forward, look back, and take a few pictures of you."

Mommy smiled. "Hey listen naughty one. You must come back before nightfall. And do not go beyond 500 metres from me."

"Huh mommy. I know, I know. Don't be as fussy as the moms there on Earth." shot back Pragyaan, with a frowning face.

India, a resplendent land, nurtures within her bosom the most gifted souls to ever grace this earthly realm. Despite enduring the relentless tides of invasion and the ravages of time for over two millennia, she now rekindles the luminous embers of her storied past, reigniting her magnificence with judicious care. It is not solely the 1.4 billion sons and daughters of this sacred soil who exult and rally behind Vikram, Pragyaan, and the venerable ISRO, but an awe-inspiring multitude of scholars and kindred spirits from every corner of the terrestrial sphere who unite in this grand jubilation.

For, you see, the revelations poised to be unearthed by our dear Pragyaan extend beyond the boundaries of India; they are the inheritance of all mankind. India, in her benevolent spirit, has ever stood as a beacon for the world, its people guiding the course of humanity in multifarious realms worldwide, not the least of which is the realm of science. Across her illustrious five millennia of existence, she has been a selfless bestower, her generosity radiating far and wide.

It is not solely the Kohinoor, that magnificent jewel adorning the diadem of the world's mightiest monarch, which exemplifies India's munificence.

With India's triumphant presence gracing the lunar expanse, and a celestial child embarking on a moonlit odyssey, the gaze of the entire world is transfixed in breathless anticipation. In this momentous endeavor, India shall never falter, her unwavering resolve an indomitable testament to her commitment. We, the sons and daughters of this resplendent land, shall forever stand tall, our hearts ablaze with boundless pride, as we cast forth our inexhaustible wellspring of love and aspirations towards the select few hundred luminous minds at ISRO. Their brilliance shall guide our nation's starlit path, illuminating our collective dreams with the radiance of unfaltering hope.

Suresh Menon

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2 comentarios

27 ago 2023

I liked the cute title of the article as it also paints a vivid picture of a touching and inspiring scene involving a child's curiosity and a mother's nurturing guidance.

Your post is beautifully well crafted and effectively captures the essence of a celestial journey and the bonds between a child and a nurturing figure. It also conveys a sense of wonder, hope and unity. It showcases the power of language to create immersive experiences and evoke emotions in the reader. The eloquent language, cultural pride, and universal themes make it a captivating read. 👆✔️😍🥰💪💃🏻❤️JAI HIND!...Much love and God Bless 🙂

Me gusta

27 ago 2023

Beautiful writer language i want more

Me gusta
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