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Can I see you in full?

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

The transition from Facebook Messenger to the captivating realm of WhatsApp was like stepping into an ethereal sanctuary, where Murugan and Madhavi discovered a world of infinite possibilities for their budding romance. With each passing day, their hearts grew fonder; their desires intensifying like a flame that refused to be extinguished. Barely three days into their profound friendship, Madhavi suggested a video call, and Murugan's heart skipped a beat at the mere thought of seeing her radiant face. Anticipation coursed through his veins as he eagerly agreed to her request, yearning to catch a glimpse of the enchanting woman who had stolen his heart. With trembling hands, he initiated the video call, and as her image appeared on the screen, a surge of familiarity washed over him, as though her face held the secrets of a thousand lifetimes.

The following days were filled with countless hours spent immersed in their WhatsApp conversations. Madhavi shared that due to the pandemic-induced lockdown, she was working from the comfort of her home, allowing her the luxury of having just a couple of hours of work each day. Even then, she would set up her mobile phone on video calls, on a custom-made stand crafted by her son. This ingenious contraption held her device steady as she poured her heart out to Murugan, her voice and image a lifeline in their virtual union.

As for Murugan, his work in the advertising and film industry had come to a standstill, but he found solace in navigating the unpredictable realm of cryptocurrency to sustain his existence while cherishing every precious moment spent in the company of Madhavi. Their connection grew stronger with each passing day, and they became inseparable in their virtual world. The morning sun would rise, painting the sky with hues of pink and gold, and the first thing they sought was the sight of each other's radiant smiles, their hearts fluttering in unison. From the moment their eyes met through the screen until the twilight hours claimed the day, they were bound together in a dance of passion and longing, their video calls stretching into the depths of the night, where time held no power over their profound connection.

One night, as the moon cast its ethereal glow upon their whispered conversations, Murugan found himself captivated by a desire he could no longer contain. He yearned to behold the breathtaking beauty of Madhavi, not just her radiant face but the curves and contours that lay hidden beneath the veil of their digital connection. It was a longing that stirred his senses, igniting a flame within his soul. With bated breath, Murugan mustered the courage to share his deepest longing with Madhavi. His voice trembled slightly as he confessed his desire to witness her in her entirety, to explore the depths of her being beyond the confines of their virtual encounters. “Can I see you in full?” His heart thumped in his chest, uncertain of how his request would be received. A smile played upon Madhavi's lips, a mischievous glimmer dancing in her eyes. She understood the yearning that burned within Murugan, the hunger for a deeper connection that transcended the boundaries of mere words. With a gentle reassurance, she uttered a single word, "Wait," before ending the call, leaving Murugan in a state of bewildered anticipation.

As he stood on his balcony, a haze of smoke enveloping him, Murugan's mind raced with questions. Had he said something amiss? Doubt gnawed at his thoughts, causing him to question the very foundations of their budding romance. In the darkness of the night, he wrestled with his own insecurities, longing for a glimpse of clarity. Just as his doubts threatened to consume him, the phone rang, jolting Murugan from his contemplation. With trembling hands, he answered the video call, his heart pounding in his chest. And there before him, the screen awash in hues of passionate red, was Madhavi’s face, enveloped in a crimson blanket that seemed to mirror the intensity of their connection. For a moment, Murugan was breathless, his gaze drawn to the enigmatic figure before him. The world around him blurred as he focused on Madhavi's captivating presence. A smile graced her lips, and Murugan could sense a profound trust emanating from her very being, a trust that rendered him both speechless and awestruck. As the camera panned across Madhavi's form, revealing the tantalizing sight of her bare shoulders and the delicate curves that had previously been hidden from his gaze, Murugan felt his senses come alive. A surge of desire coursed through his veins, his lips yearning to taste the sweetness that lay just beyond his reach.

At that moment, he realized the depth of their connection, a connection that defied distance and transcended the limitations of their physical separation. Moved by Madhavi's vulnerability and her willingness to bare her soul, Murugan could no longer resist the pull of their shared intimacy. A flicker of unspoken passion passed between them as Madhavi, emboldened by her own desire, demanded to see Murugan in his entirety. With a mixture of anticipation and trepidation, he obliged, allowing his camera to roam over his own exposed form. In that intoxicating dance of vulnerability and desire, they found themselves entwined in a delicate game of trust and passion. Each revelation, each stolen glance, was a testament to their profound connection, a connection that surpassed the boundaries of screens and pixels. As Murugan watched Madhavi's tongue trace her lips, a flicker of realization ignited within him – this was not merely a game but an exploration of their shared sensuality, a journey that would forever intertwine their lives in a tapestry of desire and longing.

As the call drew to a close, at the earthly hour of 3:00 am, their bodies still ablaze with the intoxicating dance of desire, Murugan and Madhavi exchanged promises that lingered in the air like a sacred vow. Their voices, laden with passion and anticipation, whispered of a not-so-distant future where their souls would finally merge in the embrace of physical proximity. It was a promise to transcend the confines of the digital realm and embark on a journey into the realm of the tangible. With hearts intertwined, they bid each other a tender goodnight, but their minds refused to surrender to the gentle lull of slumber.

Restlessness permeated the night, their thoughts consumed by the imminent meeting that awaited them. Time seemed to stretch endlessly as they yearned for the sun to rise, impatient for the arrival of the moment that would bridge the gap between their longing souls. In the depths of the night, Murugan tossed and turned in his bed, his mind filled with a whirlwind of emotions. Sleep eluded him as his imagination ran wild with vivid visions of their impending encounter. The sight and the subsequent thought of the groin region, for which Madhavi had obliged by shifting her lingerie a bit, and then totally removing them, threw Murugan out of his bed, ending up with yet another cigarette between his lips and fifteen minutes in the washroom.

His heart throbbed with anticipation, each beat echoing the restless passion that coursed through his veins. The seconds ticked by slowly, the passage of time marked by the symphony of his restless thoughts. Six hundred kilometers away, Madhavi found herself in a similar state of sleepless longing. Her body lay on the bed, but her mind wandered through the vast landscapes of possibility. Images of Murugan's touch and the sound of his voice enveloped her senses, fuelling the flames of desire that burned within her. The feel of Murugan's tongue touching her erect nipples threw her into a fit of ecstasy that ended up in the usage of a foreign body to tickle and satisfy her temporarily. Her pillow soaked up the whispered promises and unspoken yearnings that escaped her lips, a silent testament to the restless passion that consumed her.

As the night wore on, their hearts remained untamed, beating in unison despite the physical distance that separated them. Time seemed suspended in a delicate balance as if the universe conspired to prolong their anticipation. And in the stillness of those predawn hours, they pledged to reconvene at the first light of day, promising to reunite their souls and embark on a journey that would intertwine their lives forever. But sleep remained elusive, as their minds continued to weave intricate fantasies of their impending union. Their shared longing propelled them forward, their spirits restless and untamed. In the depths of the night, their souls remained suspended in a state of limbo, suspended between the realms of dreams and reality. The night wore on, its darkness a canvas for their unspoken desires. And as the clock ticked towards the appointed hour, their hearts fluttered with a mixture of excitement and trepidation, knowing that their world was about to be forever changed.

- Suresh Menon

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Note: The story of Murugan and Madhavi is set to be made into a full-length feature film soon. Keep in touch with the blog for sneak previews and updates. The real identities of the two characters will also be revealed.

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Aug 27, 2023

I liked all the photos displayed in this story :-)....

Well taken! and beautiful too....


Jul 02, 2023

Dear Mr. Suresh Menon where did you learn this captivating designer style writing? And the language itself?


Jul 01, 2023

Is this a film script ? Pla continue.makes me want more of such language. Wanting to meet the writer once.


Jul 01, 2023

Oh wow. What a writing style Sir. Love it 😍

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