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Unwavering Triumph: The Habit of Winning

You have to be psychologically and mentally prepared to succeed, so be positive and believe in yourself. If you think that you can be a winner, you will be further than most people ever get. Some people make everything a competition in their daily lives. Murugan and Madhavi were a couple known for their competitive spirits. They thrived on turning even the most mundane tasks into a fierce contest. From trivial arguments to everyday chores, they found a way to make everything a race against each other. Their friends and family often chuckled at their antics.

Their competitive nature had a unique effect on their relationship. It kept their love life exciting and their spirits high. Each day was an opportunity to outdo one another, to claim victory and bask in the glory of being the winner. Their friends would often comment on how they were the perfect match, constantly challenging each other to be better.

Murugan, captivated by Madhavi's radiant smile, often surrendered to her in their friendly competitions, simply to witness the joy on her face. Her happiness ignited a flame within him, kindling his creativity and sparking a cascade of positive energy. It translated into heightened productivity at work and, most importantly, a deepened intimacy in their romantic endeavors. Murugan cherished those moments of connection, where their love flourished in the embrace of shared laughter and passionate embraces.

On the joyous day of Vishu, the air was filled with anticipation and gratitude. As the sun began to rise, Madhavi took charge, preparing a mouthwatering lunch and extending warm invitations to Murugan's colleagues for a delightful traditional feast. Her enthusiasm was contagious, infusing the atmosphere with bubbling energy. Throughout the day, Murugan and Madhavi reveled in their love, cherishing the precious moments together. After the Vishukkani, they made love. Their love for each other manifested yet again following the scrumptious lunch. And as the night descended, they made love yet again, bidding farewell to the day with hearts brimming with joy. Madhavi's radiant happiness was a source of immense delight for Murugan, a testament to the beautiful bond they shared.

The next morning arrived with an unusual change in Madhavi's demeanor. She seemed agitated and approached Murugan with a cup of coffee. To his surprise, she grabbed him by the hair, displaying an uncharacteristic anger. Bewildered, Murugan anxiously inquired about the cause of her distress. Tears welled up in Madhavi's eyes as she unleashed her emotions, claiming that he had drugged her the previous night and betrayed her by spending time with Anju — a figment of her imagination that had become the root-cause of their arguments.

Despite Murugan's desperate plea of innocence and his suggestion for a blood test to dispel any doubts, Madhavi adamantly refused, convinced that she possessed all the necessary knowledge. In an outburst of anger, she declared her disinterest in Murugan and issued a challenge, vowing to emerge victorious. Sadly, her determination led her down a destructive path. Fueled by false accusations, she filed a complaint at a women's police station, exploiting the perception that women are always seen as truthful. As a consequence, Murugan lost his hard-earned earnings, his assets, and everything he had built over a lifetime. In less than two months after the joyous Vishu festival, Madhavi, now accompanied by a new partner, vanished from Murugan's life, leaving him shattered and stripped of his belongings. Murugan, who had believed it was just another passing mood swing, was unaware of the underlying forces at play—forces that Madhavi willingly embraced to prove her unrelenting pursuit of always being victorious.

Madhavi had a long-standing reputation for emerging victorious. Unbeknownst to her, the consequences awaiting her in the legal realm remained unforeseen. However, little did she realize that true victory stems from personal growth, resilience, and moral integrity. For her, she did not mind spreading her legs to WIN and TRIUMPH against Murugan, but this time, her triumph came in deceit and betrayal.

- Suresh Menon

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