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Gender Biases in the Legal System: Innumerable Tales of Unjust Outcomes


In a society that aims to promote equality and fairness, it is disheartening to witness instances where the law seemingly favors one gender over the other. While the legal system was initially designed with good intentions, there are occasions where it appears that some women, manipulate it to satisfy their personal desires.The law seems to heavily favor women, leading to potential injustices against men.

Presumption of Guilt:

One area where gender biases become apparent is when a woman files a complaint against a man at a women's police station. In such cases, it is always assumed that the woman is telling the truth, without giving the man an opportunity to present his side of the story. This presumption of guilt can lead to unfair outcomes, where the man is automatically labeled as the wrongdoer without a fair chance to defend himself.

Unjust Distribution of Assets:

Another concern arises when it comes to the division of assets during the dissolution of a relationship. In some cases, a woman may decide to end her live-in relationship for various reasons, including pursuing a relationship with someone more financially affluent. Despite not having contributed financially to the assets in question, the woman may still be granted a significant portion, or even the majority, of the man's assets. This outcome can leave the man shocked and emotionally devastated, particularly if he has worked hard to accumulate those assets.

Manipulation and False Accusations:

One alarming aspect is when false accusations are used as a tool to gain an advantage in legal proceedings. It is unfortunate that some individuals, regardless of their gender, resort to lies and deceit to achieve their desired outcomes. Let's consider a specific example to illustrate this issue.

Example: The Case of Unjust Asset Division

Imagine a situation where a man pleads with investigating officers to reconcile with his partner, hoping for a fair resolution. However, the woman, armed with a series of false claims, motivated by unknown forces, repeatedly files complaints against the man. Despite his denial of any knowledge of these accusations, the investigating officer fails to thoroughly investigate the matter. Instead, the woman's allegations are taken at face value, raising questions about the man's credibility.

The outcome is shocking. The woman is granted separation, protection, and control over the man's assets without proper scrutiny. In this particular case, the man, who had accumulated various assets through his hard work and dedication, is left with nothing. The woman, who brought only a half-filled suitcase with her one-and-a-half years ago, walks away with all the furniture and equipment in the house, a recently bought car, and over Rupees 15 lakhs in cash and value-availed service assets. These assets even include the education expenses for her daughter's A levels in one of the most expensive schools in the region.

Reevaluating Gender Biases:

While it is crucial to acknowledge the existence of gender biases, it is equally important not to generalize these instances and paint an entire gender as manipulative or unjust. The focus should be on addressing these biases and striving for a legal system that treats both men and women fairly and impartially.

Promoting Equality and Fairness:

Empowerment is about equality and fairness. In the light of above such incidents that happen almost everyday at the police stations, it is sometimes worthy of some serious thought, if Women Empowerment is really needed anymore. A thought that is now beginning to take grasp on the ground. To achieve a more just society, it is essential to address the issues of presumption of guilt, unjust asset distribution, and manipulation within the legal system. Policymakers, lawmakers, and law enforcement agencies should work together to ensure that individuals are not unfairly treated based on their gender. The aim should be to provide a platform for open dialogue, fair investigations, and unbiased decision-making, regardless of the gender of the individuals involved.

Gender biases within the legal system can lead to unjust outcomes, affecting both men and women. It is crucial to recognize and address these biases while ensuring that the principles of equality and fairness prevail. By striving for a legal system that treats all individuals impartially, we can work towards a society where justice is truly blind to gender, and every individual's rights are protected. The case example mentioned serves as a reminder of the importance of ensuring fairness and justice for all parties involved.

- Suresh Menon

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Jul 01, 2023

Favouring the fairer sex is fine. Unfortunately not one of them use the laws for the purpose they are meant. They use it as a loophole. And the police and law also stand by that though they know the woman is cheating. In short, the law has created more women cheaters.

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