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Get immediate citizenship at QUIRKONIA

Updated: Jan 13

Peter was an adventurer at heart, always seeking new places to explore.

As Peter stood in line at the quirky customs desk, a stern-looking official named Mr. Snickersnatch examined his passport, with an air of suspicion. With a perplexed expression, Mr. Snickersnatch squinted at the document, adjusted his glasses, and then squinted again.

"Pardon me, sir," Mr. Snickersnatch said, peering over the rim of his glasses. "But this passport of yours seems rather... well, peculiar."

Peter, with an easygoing smile, assured him, "Oh, it's a Quirkonian passport. I'm from Quirkonia!"

Mr. Snickersnatch raised an eyebrow and, after a dramatic pause, burst into laughter. "Quirkonia? My dear fellow, there's no such place! You can't fool me with your made-up lands."

Peter, now bewildered, insisted, "No, really! It's a tiny country with rainbow-colored sheep, and talking cupcakes. Very exclusive!"

Mr. Snickersnatch, still chuckling, waved over a colleague, Ms. Wobbly, to join in the amusement. Together, they examined the passport, as if it were a comedy script.

"Sir, I'm afraid your passport is not valid," Mr. Snickersnatch said, stifling a laugh. "And this Quirkonia business, pure fiction! What's next, unicorns and leprechauns?"

As Peter contemplated the absurdity of the situation, a mischievous glint flashed in Mr. Snickersnatch's eyes. "However, we do have a special procedure for cases like yours. A quiz, if you will."

A sudden hush fell over the airport as a spotlight illuminated Peter. He was handed a microphone, and Mr. Snickersnatch announced, "If you can answer three Quirkonian trivia questions correctly, we'll consider letting you through."

And so began a hilarious quiz, that included questions about polka-dotted rainclouds, mandatory clown makeup laws, and the national anthem, sung exclusively in meows.

Much to everyone's surprise, Peter answered each question with creative flair, and a dash of humor. The airport officials, now in stitches, decided to grant Peter passage, with a wink and a nod.

As Peter continued on his journey, he couldn't help but chuckle at the bizarre encounter. Little did he know, that his escapade in passport peculiarities would become the stuff of airport legends, leaving travelers and officials alike in stitches, whenever the tale was recounted. And so, with a twinkle in his eye, Peter ventured forth, ready for whatever whimsical adventures lay ahead.

Suresh Menon

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