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Indigo Airlines Flight 223 - The Mysterious Passenger

Updated: Jan 13

Indigo Airlines Flight 223, was on a routine flight from Nasik to Bengaluru, with 81 passengers. However, when it landed, there were 82.

The sun dipped below the horizon as the passengers disembarked, the flight crew conducted a meticulous headcount, their expressions, turning from routine professionalism, to bewilderment. In the midst of the disembarking crowd, there was an unfamiliar face – a passenger no one remembered boarding.

The airport security footage offered no clarity. The mysterious passenger simply appeared in the cabin during the flight, blending seamlessly with the others. No one had seen him board, and no one could recall their presence throughout the journey.

Detective Mohan, intrigued by the unfolding enigma, was assigned to unravel the mystery. Her investigation led her to interview each passenger, scrutinize the flight manifest, and pore over security footage. Yet, every attempt proved futile.

As Detective Mohan delved deeper, he uncovered a web of cryptic clues – a misplaced boarding pass, a mysterious phone call, and a forgotten bag tucked away in the overhead compartment. Each piece added to the puzzle but failed to reveal the identity of the mysterious 82nd passenger.

As Detective Mohan pieced together the final fragments of the puzzle, an eerie feeling emerged, as a family in Bengaluru reported the return of a relative, who was believed to have died in a tragic air crash, years ago.

Had the mysterious passenger returned from the shadows of the past? Did he time travel, turning a routine flight into an extraordinary tale of unexpected twists, and heartwarming reunions.

All said and done, from that day on, Detective Mohan, started believing in ghosts and the power of spirits.

Suresh Menon

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