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Mind-Reader Xavier

Xavier had this weird talent where he could hear what people were thinking. And the funny part? He couldn't keep it to himself! One evening, he took his friends to a cool restaurant, and that's when the laughter began.

First up was Lucy. Xavier pointed at her, grinning, and said, "Hey, folks! Lucy is secretly trying to get the waiter, Steve, to come over. She's imagining him as a superhero saving her from a boring dinner. Steve, you're needed at Table Six!"

The whole place burst into laughter, and poor Lucy wanted to disappear. Then, Xavier turned to an elderly couple in the corner. "Hold on to your sugar packets, because these two are planning to swipe some for their collection at home!"

The elderly couple just laughed, realizing their sneaky plan wasn't so secret anymore. Next on Xavier's radar was Abi. "Abi's daydreaming about having some fun tonight with her boyfriend and some dope."

Abi blushed, and her friends couldn't stop laughing. Even the bartender got a turn. "Our amazing drink maker is also thinking about his piano classes while he mixes those cocktails. Maybe he's composing music with every drink!"

The bartender blushed, and the customers cheered for more. Xavier kept revealing funny thoughts all night, turning the restaurant into a hilarious show.

When they left, Xavier's friends couldn't stop talking about how much fun they had. Even though it was a bit embarrassing, they couldn't wait for the next round of Xavier's mind-reading adventures.

Suresh Menon

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