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Tumble Trouble - Sneaky Nick Claus

In the heart of Nagpur, where the air was filled with the spirit of Christmas, there lived a mischievous boy named Timmy. Timmy had a reputation for being the prankster of the town, and his favorite trick was pulling away chairs just as someone was about to sit. The sound of laughter echoed through the school corridors whenever Timmy struck, leaving a trail of fallen victims.

Now, Timmy was no stranger to the joyous tales of Santa Claus, the jolly old man who rewarded nice children with gifts every Christmas. But what Timmy didn't know was that Santa had a lesser-known brother named Sneaky Nick, who had a peculiar job. Every five years, Sneaky Nick made a list and checked it twice, not to see who was naughty or nice, but to take away gifts from the mischievous ones.

One day, as the holiday season approached, Timmy couldn't resist the urge to play one more prank. In the middle of a classroom filled with unsuspecting students, he slyly pulled away the chair from his teacher, Mrs. Clauswell. Down she went with a thud, and Timmy burst into a fit of giggles.

Little did Timmy know, Sneaky Nick Claus had been watching from his invisible sleigh high above Nagpur. With a twinkle in his eye and a bag of invisible gifts, Sneaky Nick decided it was time to pay Timmy a visit.

On Christmas morning, Timmy rushed down the stairs, eager to unwrap the presents that awaited him. To his surprise, the gifts seemed to be disappearing right before his eyes. The shiny wrapping paper revealed empty boxes, and Timmy's jaw dropped in disbelief.

Confused and a little disappointed, Timmy found a note tucked among the ribbons and bows. It read, "Dear Timmy, Sneaky Nick Claus dropped by this year! Pranks don't go unnoticed. Better luck in five!"

Timmy scratched his head, trying to recall all the pranks he had pulled. It didn't take long for him to realize that his chair-pulling escapades had caught up with him. From that day forward, Timmy decided to turn over a new leaf.

As the years passed, Timmy transformed into a kinder and more thoughtful boy. The legend of Sneaky Nick Claus became a cautionary tale in Nagpur, reminding kids that even the sneakiest of pranks might not go unnoticed by Santa's lesser-known brother.

And so, in the city where laughter once echoed through the school halls, a new tradition began—one of kindness and goodwill. As for Timmy, he learned that the best gifts come not from pranks, but from a heart filled with joy and consideration for others.

Suresh Menon

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